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We’re taking a huge step forward and into a future in which we have a chance to shape and influence.  Before the beginning…TNT Solid Solutions was simply a thought, a pipe dream, an idea.  With some time and many discussions, those ideas started to evolve into a plan, a team, and an adventure to make TNT Solid Solutions a reality. Our hearts are all in!   

Yes, entrepreneurship is intimidating and running a business is demanding but the investment is worth it for ourselves and our families.  We were ready for the risks because with the risks come the rewards.  Plus, self-employment makes life interesting and challenging...and what can we say, but that we love challenges.   We’re down to earth people that love to use creativity and ingenuity.  It’s our passion of working with both our hands and minds that keep us grounded. 

Want to know what we make?  At TNT we offer a variety of unique products that merges individual styles with our specific metal processing techniques.  Using our capabilities, some of which include: plasma cutting, forming, welding, and powder coating.  We are fabricators, we weld racks, we create metal signage, furniture, parts, and custom pieces for both businesses and homes.  

We would love to hear from you about your next special project.  Please contact us so you can commission a custom project to compliment your home or business style and décor.  We are involved and incorporate our passion into every piece we make with no two décor pieces exactly the same.  Each item is handmade and individually crafted in Southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio.  If it’s metal, we’re down with it. 

MADE IN OHIO…Blood, Sweat, and Steel!

Find us on Facebook and Instagram.  Email us at

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